This website is a platform for colleagues interested in teaching and learningĀ in political science, international relations, European Studies and related disciplines. This group of learning enthusiastic academics got to know each other in the course of two teaching and learning conference, which were jointly organised by the teaching and learning groups of BISA, ECPR, PSA and UACES. We learnt, communicated and shared. But we also want to make our ideas accessible to a wider audience and keep a repository where we can go back and get inspired again in the future – this is what this website is going to be for. After a first successful edition in Maastricht in 2014 , a team of teaching & learning enthusiastic colleagues from ECPR/UACES/BISA/PSA organised the 2ndĀ Teaching and Learning Conference in Brussels on June, 9-10 2016. Hosted by the Institute of European Studies at VUB and co-sponsored by CERIM, over thirty attendants from all over Europe took part in innovative panels with flipped presentations, hands-on sessions and roundtables. There were ample opportunities for active debate and best practices were exchanged not only on novel teaching practices, but also on methods of evaluation, the use of technology and the synergies between teaching and research. After an intense two days of discussion and debate, attendants could return home with no shortage of new ideas for their teaching practice.