Prague 2018

Call for Proposals – Call for Ideas


How we teach and learn matters – for students, for society, for us
With increased attention to the quality of learning in Higher Education, notions like “relevance”, “impact”, “innovation” and “quality assurance” became a wide-spread vocabulary. Everyone agrees that what students learn at universities should be relevant: for academic deliberations, by contributing to the wider public discourse, for students´ professional life after their studies. The third European Teaching and Learning Conference is going to discuss best practices and critical reflect on HOW we can ensure various forms of relevance in teaching and learning.
The Faculty of Social Sciences at the Charles University in Prague is hosting the 3rd European Teaching and Learning Conference, which is jointly organized by BISA, ECPR, PSA and UACES.
The 3rd edition of our European Conference on Teaching and Learning Politics, International Relations and European Studies continues the tradition of practicing what we preach: enough room for exchange, reflection, and deliberation; interactive sessions that provoke, challenge, and give ideas; actively experience learning. And because of this active set-up, your input is needed:

1. Best Practice Sharing
Have you been using/experimenting with a particular teaching method or tool? Would you be willing and like to share your experience in a short session?
• Title of your shared best practice / teaching tool
• Short description: identified teaching/learning challenge, used tool, results (max 150 words):
• Relevance/Set-up: How are you going to share your best practice /experience/teaching tool?

2. Course Design Workshop (I always wanted to know more / get support with…)
Would you like to get peer feedback on a particular course design? Do you battle with a particular task or instructional design issue? Still wondering how to stimulate student participation or engage local communities? Let us know what you would like to take away from this conference.
• Title
• Short description: Briefly describe what you would like to know about or get support with?
• Relevance/Set-up: How would you prefer this support to look like during our conference?

3. Flipped Presentation
You are currently working on teaching and learning paper that you would like to discuss with your colleagues? Then submit your abstract for the “flipped presentation” session. Accepted papers will be posted on the conference website two weeks before the conference. The session during the conference is going to be used for questions and feedback from the audience.
• Title
• Short description/Abstract (max. 150 words)
• Relevance/Set-up: How are colleagues going to profit from your contribution (max 150 words)